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Generic Deployment tool for Django that will support PaaS providers such as Heroku, Dotcloud, OpenShift, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, Stackato and Gondor

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django-deployer is a deployment configuration tool for Django that currently prepares most Django projects to be deployed to the following PaaS providers: Dotcloud, Stackato and Google App Engine.

The goal of django-deployer is to minimize the effort to deploy a Django app to any of these PaaS providers. It asks a series of questions about your Django project, and then generates a generic deploy.yml file that captures all of your project's requirements.

When you choose a particular PaaS provider, django-deployer then translates the requirements defined in the deploy.yml file and generates configuration files for that specific PaaS provider.

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Getting started

Install django-deployer in your virtualenv, and run the deployer-init command to copy the fabfile into your root folder. Then run the fab setup command to tell django-deployer about your project.

$ source /path/to/venv/bin/activate
$ cd <root_of_your_project>
$ pip install django-deployer
$ deployer-init
$ fab setup

Read more about this project README page.


If you want to contribute to django-deployer, here is how you can check it out and install it.

$ git clone git://
$ cd django-deployer
$ python develop

Or just use pip and look for the source code in the /src directory of your virtualenv:

$ pip install -e git+git://

Authors and Contributors

This project was born at the DjangoCon 2012 sprint by Nate Aune (@natea) and John Debs (@johnthedebs) with input from Jacob Kaplan Moss (@jacobian), Andrew Godwin (@andrewgodwin) from, Gabriel Grant (@gabrielgrant) and Ken Cochrane (@kencochrane) from @DotCloud, Kenneth Reitz (@kennethreitz) from @Heroku and Diane Mueller from @ActiveState.

Further work was done at the PyCon 2013 sprint by @natea and Colin Su (@littleq0903) to add support for Google App Engine. Kevin Grinberg (@kgrinberg), Kyle Kelley (@rgbkrk) also provided input.

Support or Contact

We'd love to get input for how to best push this project forward. If you represent a PaaS provider and would like to contribute, submit a pull request or contact @natea with suggestions for making it better.


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